LASTIC is an affordable laser working station. It is meant as a superstructure for injection molding machines, working station for existing conveyors or as an additional device for robotic applications. The standard version offers a full-featured programming environment directly in the station. The scanner head allows the programming of any desired 2D trajectory. The ergonomic setting of the process is guaranteed by the Ethernet or USB connection. Besides plastic material, the station is intended for the treatment of metallic and organic materials.

The return of the investments is around 1 year at one-shift operation.


  • Ergonomic intuitive control
  • Fast trajectory programming
  • Import of finished curves
  • DMX
  • Guide laser for preview of the cut trajectory
  • High accuracy of repetition
  • Low processing time
  • Multifunctional – setting options –  cutting, drilling, marking and engraving
  • Easy maintenance
Source CO2 Fiber
Power 30, 55, 70 W 10, 20, 30 W
Wavelength 10 600 nm 1064 nm
Source lifetime 15 000 hrs 110 000 hrs
Working area from 100×100 mm to 250×250 mm
(depends on the laser power and the type of optics)
Precision 0,009 mm
Working distance from 120 mm to 220 mm
Power intake from 0,8 kW to 1,9 kW(depends on the laser power)
Voltage 230 V
Size varies accordingly to the required type

Model H – autonomous stationary unit with the possibility of trajectory programming directly on the unit and with possible periphery control

Model M – stationary unit with connection to the superstructure system (implementation possibility of control panel, periphery control addition possible)

Model L – OEM version of laser technology delivery and parametrization, with connection to the superstructure system

* Optical parameters of models are always adjusted to the specific area of application.

Periphery Model H Model M
Suction systems ·         ·         
Air-Knife ·          ·         
Addition of other sensor ·           
Additional cooling ·          ·         
Full remote access ·           

* Peripheries and components are available only for models H or M.

  • Remote access possibility during service or application support
  • On-site service with response within 24 hours
  • Complete service and application training for optimal use of the device